Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More paperwork

Otter in Canada by Jenn Kramer

I got back from Canada and am off to a productive day.
  • I talked to the social worker and we are going to have our next meeting this Saturday, so that is good. Hoping it means that the home study will be done in the next week or so after that.
  •   I have to get a few more copies of things and then can send in my I-600A form. 
  • I went and got my physical today and sent first set of prints off to SBI. Waiting to hear when to do next set of prints but that goes with the I-600A form so it will be a few weeks I am sure. 
  • Need to go back and read but I believe once the home study is done I can send in my dossier and get that ball rolling. Now I know that nothing can happen until the I-600A form is approved but at least then I am mostly waiting on people to approve things and not on myself to get paperwork in order :) Somehow seems better when it is in someone else’s hands. Although I am sure that eventually that will not be the case and I will be anxious for things that are in other people’s control to get done so I can get to the next phase. 

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