Thursday, February 12, 2009


Background check:  check
Fingerprinting:  check
Survey filled out: check
    This is sort of how things go at this point. Checking off to make sure that I have everything that I am suppose to for the visit on Saturday. I am going to be missing a few things but hopefully will get them at the beginning of next week and can send them to the social worker as soon as that is done. Have to call the SBI today and find out if I need to hand deliver my prints for a background check or if I am suppose to mail them and wait for my background check to come back to me.  Then it is off to Durham to send in the first part of the governmental paperwork to be cleared for international adoption. While I still see all the paperwork and work that has to get done before all of this becomes a reality I am beginning to get very excited about having a child. I finally sent the email to most of my friends yesterday telling them about the adoption and linking them to this page and have received a lot of positive feedback. 
     Next week I am headed to Canada to present at a teacher workshop for IB and I will get the chance to see my Canadian friends. I did not send them the link yesterday because I can’t wait to be able to tell them in person. While I love having friends all over the place I unfortunately don’t get the chance to see their faces and receive the hugs as they learn of my starting a family. I have gotten lots of virtual hugs, but not the same. So next week when I get the chance to tell some good friends in person it will be awesome. There are still a few friends here in NC that I have not told. Beginning to feel a little guilty about that, but since they live near me I am kind of waiting to tell them in person. 
      As Saturday approaches the list of things I want to get done gets longer and the time to get it done gets shorter. I am nervous about the home visit but my friends keep reminding me to just be me and I will be fine. Back to the checklist..... 
Budget: check
Tax return: in progress......

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