Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yosemite by J Kramer

          I have stepped back from the adoption paperwork for the last few days. Mostly because I have been in Canada working at an IB workshop. But while it was a forced step back it was a good thing. I am ready to get home and get working on getting things done. So Tuesday when I get back it will be time to go to doctor and get a physical, and then start my vaccinations I will need for this trip. I am a little more determined to try and get things done quicker as I met someone here in Vancouver who lived in Ethiopia for a year and is going back in May for a month. She works in health care so she goes over and volunteers to work with children who have been orphaned because of HIV. So it would be kind of nice to go over the and have a familiar face to meet up with.  I also had a woman who was in my workshop that had lived in Nigeria for 15 years. She actually had both of her kids while in Nigeria. I am finding more and more people to connect and talk with, which is awesome. 

I am also happy that teaching this workshop has paid for the fees for my I-600A form. One less thing I need a loan for!! That is the other goal this week is to go secure a loan for that last part of this adoption process. Lots of things to be getting done, but all good. This weekend was a great help to me..I got to see old friends and share my news and watch them be excited, I got to take a small break from the mounds of paperwork :) but mostly I got to remember my dedication to this process and having a baby. I feel like maybe I can see an end in sight. It still is several months off but there is an end. The books say once you finish the paperwork then there is just the waiting period which can be long and you might actually wish for the paperwork again as at least it kept you busy. 

Well off to catch my flight to come back to the states. 

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