Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Photo by J Kramer

               My picture website is up and running. I am very excited to have it and see if i can start selling some photos to earn some money for the adoption fees. Here is my website: Please share this with anyone you know who might like photography or be looking from something different to give as a gift. 
     So the next step of the adoption has begun. I have been given the name of my social worker that I will be working with to get my homestudy complete. There is a lot of paperwork to complete. I am beginning to be a little overwhelmed with all the stuff that has to get done for this adoption to happen. Thank goodness I have a roommate that is willing to jump through all the hoops with me. I am also blessed to have friends that are willing to help me stay organized. I know I will be a good mom, but organization has never been my strongest suit. So here comes the part of making sure I get all the stuff I need for the homestudy, the dossier and eventually traveling, but also making sure that timeframe of the documents is right so that I hopefully don’t have to get everything done twice. 
    So here is what I am having to gather now; birth certificates, background checks, fingerprints, medical paperwork. I will need all of these for myself and my roommate for the homestudy, but I will also need most of that again for my dossier paperwork and some of that for travel times arrive. 
    I have finished my I-600A form and am ready to send it to the state government for processing. I know it won’t get fully processed until the state has my homestudy. 
    Stay tuned there will be more soon as I meet with my social worker soon. 

* Please note the smugmug website is now down but I am working on a new one to sell photos on!

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