Monday, February 16, 2009

Home Study Part One- Check

              The first stage of the home study is completed. My social worker came on Saturday morning to complete the home visit part of the process. Matt and I frantically cleaned the house before she got here. We sat and talked for about an hour. I started out very nervous, after all she will decide if there should be a child placed with me or not, but after a while I relaxed and realized I really had done all the things I needed to for this process and cleaning the house was the least of what I needed to do.  She gave me some information on attachment and malnutrition, which are problems I might encounter. The packet she gave me also included some information on vaccines I should take before traveling to Africa. So now I get to start the process of  getting my shots before travel. 
            So I started my dossier paperwork today.  And am trying to keep calm. There is still a lot of steps to take and things that could go wrong between now and the final adoption.  But I am definitely beginning to get excited. :) 

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