Friday, December 17, 2010

One year ago...

One year ago today I was packing, pacing and honestly panicking as I was getting ready to board a plane to Ethiopia. I had never really traveled out of the country and here I was about to travel far from home, by myself to start my family. While I left North Carolina alone, I soon met up with another adoptive parent, Jim, in DC and by the time I was coming home from Ethiopia I was anything but alone, I had my son and 7 other families forever in my heart. I am forever connected to these familiesregardless of the distance that is between all of us! I can hardly believe a year has passed over the next few days I will share what my trip was like, how it has changed me and how blessed I am today. Tomorrow was just my day of travel so not much to share on the 18th, but starting the 19th I will have arrived in Ethiopia. Please check back each day to see my trip.

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Jennifer M said...

Hey, I recognize the back of that head! :-)

Can't wait to relive this journey through both of you (again).