Friday, December 31, 2010

Our first big injury...

Isaiah and I have been home together for just over a year and for those of you who have seen Isaiah since he became mobile you know he is "ALL BOY". People tell me this often, even the pediatrician, as he climbs everything and jumps off of anything he can climb up on, throws anything that resembles a ball and is most often found running from one location to the next via the closest mud or dirt he can find :) Don't get me wrong I love it, nature walks with him are amazing and almost always involve a change of clothes before we can get in the car and drive home!
In light of his personality I am actually surprised we have not had an "accident" sooner. Now had this injury come from him being his usually daredevil self it might not bother me so much. But was truly just a bad accident. Isaiah and I had been at a play area with a friend, her son and niece. The boys had been riding a little carousel that was in the mall. It was time to go and I had lifted my friends' son off and was heading to get Isaiah. He has stood up and was giggling at me. I asked him to sit and wait, he did just that. The problem was in his giggling fit he was not watching where he sat, and he caught the back of the train car and there he went, head first over the back of the car, off the carousel base and on to the ground. As you can imagine the yell started immediately (his actually not me!). I picked him up and after about a minute my friends niece noticed blood on my sleeve. My friend and I began to search for where the blood was coming from. She found the injury first, he had a hole in the back of his head about an inch long and down to the bone. Now as a science teacher I am pretty good with blood and stuff, but on my own child it was a bit different. I tried to stay calm and my friend says I did pretty well, got a bit panicky when I saw how deep the gash was and could not get the doctor. The fear I think came when I was not sure what to do, drive to hospital, drive to doctors office or call the ambulance. It was not gushing blood so I put him in the car and headed toward the doctors office, the hospital is down the road from there, so that was easy. I called as I drove and the pediatrician said bring him in.
They were wonderful, cleaned him up, numbed the area, cleaned the wound up, and put five staples in the wound. He was not happy about being restrained for them to do the procedure, but he did awesome. All in all from the time of the fall to the time he was stapled and back in the car headed home was about an hour. I was impressed. He is doing well and it has not slowed him at all. He is still climbing and jumping off of everything.

The ride before the fall

Nice to have long hair..hard to see the staples!

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