Saturday, December 25, 2010

Embassy Day 12/23/2009

Today was Embassy day! Isaiah had another good night of sleep and I had gotten up fairly early to get him and I ready for what we thought was a 10 Embassy appointment. Something happened with paperwork for someone in our travel group not sure who or what and really does not matter much now since it was all resolved and worked out quickly. But it did mean we were ready early. This was my first experience packing what I thought was how many bottles and diapers I might need for the day out with Isaiah. (I was wrong!)
Okay so the vans came and got us from our guest house and then we went to the other guest house to get Monica, Audrey, Byron and their kids. Monica had arrived late Tuesday night due to weather delays and such and had only gotten to meet her daughter shortly before we were set to head to the Embassy. Audrey and Byron's son was wonderful and helped Monica in calming her daughter down. It was neat to watch how the kids all interacted with each other, especially the older ones with the young ones.
We got to the Embassy and had to drop everything electronic off up front. Which meant I have no photo documentation of the actual Embassy trip. While at the Embassy I ran into a couple I had met at the DC airport who was adopting with another agency. When they got Ethiopia they were informed that the child they were adopting was actually a twin, that the mom had not turned the other baby in at first and was no willing to place the baby up for adoption. So they immediately started the process of updating everything to adopted the twin. I could only imagine the emotions that come with finding that out. We were at the Embassy for what seemed a long time, but I guess in reality was about 2 hours. Isaiah played in the play area for a while but then got hungry. I made him a bottle and fed him, and then placed him in my carrier to see if I could get him to go to sleep. He eventually did and woke up just as I was called to go upstairs for my meeting with the Embassy official. I got nervous when they stated my paperwork said a child of a year and that Isaiah was not a year at referral time was I okay with that. I said of course, I thought my paperwork had said newborn, so was suddenly nervous. She said everything was fine and stamped my paperwork. Told me I would have everything the next day. This was a surprise to me. I had not booked plane flights home until the 30th because they told us our paperwork would not be ready until Monday with the Christmas holiday. Now we were all waiting to hear from Haile if this was true...if we got our paperwork on the 24th were we allowed to head home on the 25th.
After the Embassy we went to the Zebra Cafe for lunch. It was the first time that all the families got to sit down and talk together. Shortly after we got served lunch it started to rain. The roof leaked on the restaurant and there were quickly people shifting, moving and grabbing stuff up to keep it from getting wet. Isaiah still was not really eating and by this point in the trip I was getting pretty sick..did not realize it until I got home, but yeah by then I was not really eating anything but breakfast. Once we all finished lunch we went back to the guest house for the rest of the day. Most of us went to our rooms to nap kids that needed naps and just generally recover from a busy and slightly stressful morning.

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