Friday, December 10, 2010


The day you arrived at the care center

Greatest joy.....deepest sorrow
to see the perfect fingers and toes
to hear his cry and see his little face
to hold him, to feel his warm soft skin
yet to know he will not continue to grow in your arms the way he grew in your womb
to not hear the laughter that goes with those joyful kicks
to never hear the hiccups you have felt

Greatest joy.....deepest sorrow
to watch you grow and learn
to hear that amazing laugh and those cute snores
to feel your hand as it reaches for mine and you call me momma
yet to know thousands of miles away a woman is missing you
she grew you in her womb but could not hold you in her arms
she gave you the breath of life I get to help you live.

Today as you lay here sleeping beside me, I think of your birth mom.
Today I honor her.
I talk to you about her.
I take a moment of silence to pray she knows, some how, that you are loved deeply by many
That there is a "village" raising her son.
That while I get to be "momma" or "mommy", I will always teach you about your birth mom.

Today I am so happy and blessed and yet there is a sadness I can not explain. I ache for the heart of a woman I don't know. Whose story I don't truly know..I wonder if she misses you..I wonder if today she thinks about you. Today as we celebrate I will remind myself that you are the most amazing blessing that came to me through someone else's greatest sacrifice and loss. Today I celebrate the love that has been given to me.

Today I celebrate you Isaiah are two!

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debbiemc19 said...

Wonderful and beautiful as always Jenn.