Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Every time I enter a new developmental stage with Isaiah I think it is the best stage yet. (I hope that continues into the teenage years!) We are in the twos and don't get me wrong, he is strong willed, stubborn and wants control of as many things as he possibly can have. I have learned that the more things I can give him control over the more willing he is to let me have control on the things he can't. But I love watching him grow..physically, mentally, emotionally and right now verbally. He has come up with some great statements lately as he continues to master language.
Here are a few of my favorite Isaiah-ism as of late...
1) "Come sit sit"- said when he wants you to come sit by him and read or do a puzzle
2) "I did it"- most often said with arms thrown up in the air and usually after I have done something he wants done like pouring a cup of apple juice
3) "No no Mr. Kr***" - said when he is heading into an area he knows he is not suppose to go :)
4) " Mommy I hold you" - said when he wants my hand to walk downstairs or when he wants a hug
5) " Come, come..follow me" - said as he reaches for a hand to lead you somewhere he wants to go
6) "Tag you are it" - often said from the back seat of the car or as he runs from me to another room in the house!

He amazes me daily and everyday I fall more and more in love with him!

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Jillian and Crew said...

And he is so full of life all of these cute sayings are said with such passion and enthusiasm! What a gift he is!