Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eye Contact!

One of the things you read over and over again when adopting is about how important it is to establish eye contact with your adopted child to help with bonding. Play games that involve making eye contact, for babies feed them a bottle and make eye contact, all sorts of things revolving around making good eye contact. I was very deliberate about that with Isaiah when I brought him home and now as a 2 year old I ask for it all the time when correcting behavior, or giving choices, generally anything I really want him to pay attention to when I am speaking.
Well tonight he got me back :) We had dinner with a friend. As we were preparing to leave I was holding him on my right side and talking to my friend to my left. Little Man was a bit whiny after a long day and started to call me "momma momma momma." I was finishing a sentence with my friend when I realized he had leaned over and was in my face calling me "momma momma momma." Leaned as far over as he could get to look me in the eyes. My friend started to laugh..I was fighting hard not to, but Little Man once he had my eye contact he finished that sentence he had started with 6 or 7 mommas! He was making sure he had eye contact to have my attention before finishing his thought.
He cracks me up. Guess he has learned the value of having someones eye contact and knowing it means you have their attention! And if I had any doubt I think we a pretty securely bonded!
I love that little boy!

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