Friday, February 18, 2011

A day of sunshine!!

Today was beautiful. It was in the high 70s and sunny out. Little Man and I took full advantage and headed outdoors as soon as he was up from his nap.

I love the outdoors and so far I am raising him to appreciate it as well. We went to a local nature park and went walking on a trail. This was Little Man's first time walking the trail on his own. Before now he has "ridden" for trail walks. Overall he did good, but my "water boy" saw the lake and headed straight for it...a number of times. I did have to carry him at one point just to make sure that he stayed dry! But he began to learn what staying on the path meant and had a great time stopping to explore all of the nature around him. At one point I was carrying him as he held a stick, a rock, a pinecone and 2 gumballs (the one's from a tree) in his hands. Not sure how the gumballs and the pinecone weren't sticking him, but he was happy!

Tomorrow we are going to take some of the treasures he found and make a guessing game out of them. We are taking tube socks and sticking a can down in the sock and then putting one item in each sock. Little Man can then reach down and feel the item in the can and guess. Should just be fun and based on all the different textures he picked up maybe helpful for sensory stuff. We shall see. I am just feeling incredibly blessed to have had such a beautiful day to spend with him.

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