Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friends are the family we choose!

I have long held that to be the truth and as this past year has proven it is more and more accurate for my life.

I live on the opposite coast of my family. Yes, by choice and no, not because my family and I don't get along. Actually my family and I get along just fine, but I took an opportunity to grow personally and professionally and moved across the country. Do I miss having my family down the street? Of course I do. But being here has been a great experience. I have had the opportunity to "grow" my family.

My "family" of friends is large, diverse slightly dysfunctional, wonderfully eccentric and all the colors of the rainbow. We are a family of many religions, a variety of backgrounds and political beliefs. We argue, disagree, laugh, love, cry, share the good times and the bad times. We support each other when others don't. We challenge each other to grow. And like a family we may not always like each other, but we always love each other.

I am blessed by my family of friends. They make the days brighter and the load a little lighter.

Thank you family, blood and chosen for all the love and support you give me.

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