Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting so big...

This statement refers not just to how big Isaiah is getting but how "big" his hair has gotten. For the record I love Little Man's curls and yes I did intentionally grow it out. Now until the last couple of weeks Little Man has let me comb out his hair each day and then wet it to keep it curly. But in the midst of being two and having independence he has not been so keen on my combing or wetting his hair lately. So, much to the delight of many of my friends, I took him yesterday to go get his hair cut.

Little Man yesterday morning before his hair cut!

I was amazed at how different he looked once his hair was cut. He looked like a different little boy. Actually that was it, he looked like a little boy instead of a my baby! He is growing up so fast!
Post haircut. What a smile and such long legs!


Circle de Luz said...

Oh my goodness. Total little boy. And sweet as ever. you are loved, Rosie

Jennifer said...

I love it!