Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Will you join me?

Today is World AIDS Day:

Today I wear a red ribbon in honor of those who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

Today I remember that 6500 people will die in the next 24 hours because of AIDS.

Today I remember that 6000 of those people who died left behind a child/ren.

Today I will remember the faces of the kids who are waiting for a "forever family" because AIDS took their first family away.

Today I will ask for blessings on the families that have paved the way in HIV+ adoption.

Today I will ask for blessings for the HIV+ children who are home forever with their families and teach us so much about our fears.

Today I will honor the HIV+ children who take all the medications they must to fight a virus they do not deserve, but more importantly I will honor their bravery as they face a society that is still so often reacting in ignorance.

Today I will remember and pray for the children who are waiting for someone to love be willing to take a chance on them regardless of their HIV status.

Today I will remember what it is like to wait for the doctor to call and give you the status of your child.

Today I wear a red ribbon to honor the bravery of so many, to remind me of the hearts broken by the loss of a loved one.

Today I will pray that God helps me find my role in this fight...will you join me?

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