Monday, November 29, 2010


So on the learning curve of using blogger I have realized that pictures load in the opposite order I thought they did. So the first pictures is actually the end of Thanksgiving day, but that is okay. Isaiah and I enjoyed an amazing first Thanksgiving together. We made sugar cookies in the morning and then went to some friends house in the afternoon and then over to visit Auntie Shevaun in the evening. Isaiah got to play with other kids at Auntie Shevaun's and was actually the oldest of the kids! It is hard to believe how big he has gotten and how far we have come in this year. Our one year gotcha day is coming up and I am looking forward to that post. For now here are some pictures of my handsome little boy on Thanksgiving.

Loves from Auntie Shevaun
A carrot...the means of getting ranch dressing in my mouth
I like frosting
Tongue of concentration
Ready to roll out the dough

I have not been able to adequately put my Thanksgiving post together with the things I am thankful for and tomorrow is the end of November. I am slacking big time. But there are so many things I am thankful for it seems hard to put it in words. This last year has been an amazing blessing with this little boy. He has taught me so many things and showed me so many things. Through him I have made closer friendships, learned the value of true friendship, remembered to slow and see the world around me, but mostly I have learned to be thankful for all that I have. I have wealth beyond measure for I have learned wealth is not the dollars in my bank account or the "stuff" I own, but the relationships I have.

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