Friday, January 16, 2009

Application Mailed

By J. Kramer

So today is the day I have everything completed to mail the application. Reality, it will not get in the mail until tomorrow, but everything is complete. I had a hard time selecting a picture of me to put in so I decided to send two, one picture, my friend Keith took of me, and one some stranger took of me when I was hiking in Yosemite. Now it is on to getting funds together to start the home study and the dossier paperwork. I emailed my adoption counselor yesterday to make sure I was doing things in a timely and correct manner. I hate for paperwork to be my stumbling block. The paperwork is already going to be the slow process, getting it all completed and checked and translated and back with approvals. But that process gives me time to fundraise and secure loans needed  for this process. As I have begun sharing with more and more people what I am doing more and more people are shocked at the expensive of adopting. It is a expensive process but I know that the child at the other end is worth it. 

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