Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Been a long time

I have not written on here in a very long time. Life got crazy. Life got hard(er).  A few years ago I went quiet and private because of big legal stuff going on. I would love to say that was done, resolved and over. But sadly it still drags on and it lingers over us. I don't let it roller coaster me anymore and I am not letting it make me hide and be quiet anymore either. Truth will come out, answers may or may not come and with that may come more questions. Some people will pay consequences and some, likely, will not. But despite all of that MY job is to do what is best and honest and true for my family. I will never give specifics on any of this and Little Man's story because it is his and not mine to share. I will share generals of what has happened as we get answers and closure.  

In the meantime we continue to grow and experience the world around us. He is in second grade...I am in year 17 of teaching. We continue to learn, laugh and love together as mother and son.  We got a puppy and recently some fish. We go jump the waves in the ocean, we take silly pictures with fun artwork, we build Legos and stress over Shark Mania, we cook and clean together.  We also cry, argue and get mad together as mother and son. We take time outs, share long hugs and "I'm sorry(s)", and even sometimes go to our separate rooms. We listen to Harry Potter and cry over Sirius dying (we are only finishing book 5) as we drive to therapy. We still do therapy because while time heals. growing brings new understanding and new questions! 

We are living and healing. I want to get back to writing here to document life for friends and family and him as he grows, but also to be honest about adoption and the challenges that still happen almost 7 years later.  To be honest about challenges we face today and tomorrow. Life isn't easy but he sure makes it fun. 

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