Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Man

So todays memorable moment of joy is kind of cheating, for this is not a joy from just this last year.

Four years ago today (okay maybe not actually today, but that is beside the point) my little man was born. I did not get the pleasure of feeling him kick me during a pregnancy, or getting to hold him just after he was born, but I get the joy of seeing him grow everyday. Last night as we drove home discussing his birthday he said to me...
 "when I was a baby I was looking for a momma and I chose you and you are perfect. You came on a plane for a long time and got me. And now momma I want to be with you forever."

I may make a lot of mistakes as a mom, but I must be doing more right than wrong for him to say that. He is right, we were chosen for each other and it is perfect.

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