Sunday, September 8, 2013

Virtual Run- Childhood Cancer Awareness

Today 36 families will hear words they wish to never hear and honestly never imagined they would hear...."We found a tumor/mass and believe your child has cancer"

We look at our kids each day, watch them laugh and play, grow and change, never imagining that the cough, the headache, the pain they complain about is something as serious as cancer. But sadly everyday of the year, there are 36 families who hear that news and even worse there will be 7 families whose child loses their fight against childhood cancer.
My little man and my nephew

A few weeks ago my best friend, of 24 years, and her husband heard probably the second worst set of words they can imagine, "the cancer is back."  I live far away and can only offer words of encouragement over the phone and the computer. Or so I thought. 

It is Childhood Cancer awareness month in September, so I have written a letter to the American Cancer Society to support getting more than the current amount to fund childhood cancer research and worn a gold ribbon and now I am going to sponsor a virtual 5k run/walk or family fun mile to help raise funds for their medical expenses and neuroblastoma research.  Please see the virtual run tab to sign up for the run. The run is from Sept 15th to Oct 31st.  I will start sending out the medals at the beginning of October. Just post the date you did your walk/run and the time it took you and I will ship away! Hope you like the medal I designed!.

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