Monday, June 3, 2013

Bedtime conversations

One of my favorite times is putting Little Man to bed, (not because it means quiet time is coming for me) but because I love the routine of that time. We do all the typical bedtime things and then climb in bed and read 2-3 books. Little Man generally curls up, head on my shoulder and "reads" with me. We finish reading and he begs for another one, no matter how many we have read. Then it is hugs and kisses time; butterfly, eskimo and regular kisses and the now "hippo kisses", invented by a cute little boy who was looking for one more way to stay awake and another reason to laugh. I go to leave the room, he asks me to "sleep with me mommy." I say I have things I need to go get done and he very sweetly with 2 fingers in the air says "2 minutes mommy, just 2 minutes " Generally at that point I relent and lay down for "2 minutes" He cuddles in and I enjoy the sweet snuggles of my little man. Now sometimes it truly is only 2 minutes and I leave him, sometimes I stay until he is asleep and sometimes I stay until I wake back up again :) lol

But tonight the conversation turned a little more serious and a lot more sad. I had left and he came down to tell me he was scared. I took him back up and we talked about what he was scared of and why he felt he need the "big" light on in order to sleep. It started out as simple scared of the dark and then he kept talking about his being scared. Scared of the spooky things he said and then his eyes gave him away.  The sad overpowered the "scared" So I asked "Little Man what are you sad about?" The conversation then proceeded like this:

LM: Mommy how strong is our super glue? ( a phrase we have used to tell him that we are "stuck" with each other)
Me: Super strong buddy
LM: What kind of super glue is it?
Me: A special kind that allows us to go different places like school/work and yet always come back together.
LM: When does it break?
Me: It doesn't
LM: You mean we are together forever and ever and ever and ever
Me: Yeah buddy we are together forever
LM: I thought it went here is your is your is your is your daughter..I thought it went like that
Me: What do you mean?
LM: I thought that soon they give you daughter and I go away. That we not stuck together forever. When you came I was scared of you and didn't want to go with you..I was so little like Charlie the Caterpillar when you came to bring me to this place, but now you help me grow and I would be scared to leave. 
Me: It is okay that you were scared of me. You were little and I was new.
LM: Were you scared of me?
Me: Nope, I knew I loved you, that you were in my heart and that I would take all the time you needed to not be scared of me.
LM: That is good and now we stuck with super glue. 
Me: You still scared or think you can sleep?
LM: I go with you to turn on big light and I go to sleep, not scare the spooky will bring you a daughter and take me away. 
Me: Okay...I love you Little Man.

3.5 years home and man oh man I wonder what goes on in that little man's head. I wonder what great things he will do. 
Sometimes "super glue" keeps us close during nap time.

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