Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Man- isms part 2

In an effort to remember some of the funny things Little Man has been saying lately, I decided to do a quick blog post:

1) The other night at dinner he turned to me and said " So momma did you have a good day at school?" Funny was I had taken a half day at work and been home with him for like 6 hours by the time he asked me that question.

2) A little later that night he wanted me to play baseball in the house. I told him baseball was an outside sport, he bargained and said just 3 pitches momma. I said again that is was an outside game...he puts his bat down and walks over to me and says "So let me get this straight" I couldn't even question the tone I was too busy laughing at what he said.

3) Driving home from daycare this week he was tired from not napping and whining for something, can't remember what, I told him he was not being very nice and so he couldn't have what he wanted right then. His response "I am being bery nice momma, look at my face." When I turn to look at him he gives me this huge grin.

4) He told his babysitter the other day he was going on a "quest" Don't even know where he learned that word

5) Tonight after I let the water out of the bath tub, he laid down in the tub, covered himself with his wash cloth and started to pretend snore. He then said "momma, don't let the bed bugs bite." Not sure I have ever said that to him.

( I know these may not be as funny to other people, but I want to remember some of the things he does and says, so I can share with him when he is older )

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